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When: We meet on the first Thursday of every month, beginning February 2nd, 2023. From 3 - 4 PM EST

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You'll join a community of like-minded seekers, interested in growing limiting beliefs into alignment with their desires.

We kick things off with "How to Manifest Better Versions of Reality by Growing Your Beliefs"

Upcoming topics are:

"How to Vibrationally Align Yourself Each Day", "Giving Your Best Performance By Learning, Growing, and Changing", "Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life", and"Manifest Intentionally, Not By Default"

And always with plenty of time for you to ask questions!

(To begin, my book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, is recommended. You can easily find it on Amazon)

Greg is a great guy with a rare gift. He’s your coach, tour guide, and traveling companion on this journey to living the life you want.

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